IPhone with a mysterious line! ?? Leave it to the Kumiyama store :-)

good evening! iPhone repair specialty store, Smart Cool AEON MALL Kumiyama store! If you are suffering from iPhone trouble and live in Kyoto, please go to AEON MALL Kumiyama-it is located along Route 1, so it is the most convenient repair shop in this area 🙂




We received a request today, but after receiving a consultation from a customer from Fushimi-ku, Kyoto City, that a strange line appeared on the screen even though it was not cracked, we diagnosed the condition and started repairs. ..




Mysterious vertical line, its true identity
 ・What is liquid crystal leakage?
Reason and cause of occurrence
About the repair process
 ・What you need for a repair request
 ・Repair reception procedure
How to prevent recurrence?
 ・Introduction of various cases
Recommended for glass coating
Our shop information




【Mysterious vertical line, its true identity】

Do you often see people using an iPhone even though the screen is cracked? I wonder why it’s okay because it’s broken …? Actually, the reason for the mysterious vertical line is hidden there.
In addition to the glass on the surface of the iPhone, a part called “liquid crystal” is built in, and the image is projected there. It’s a separate part in the first place, so even if the glass is broken, it won’t become inoperable.


This phenomenon is called “liquid crystal leakage”.


【What is liquid crystal leakage?】

Like the terminal you brought in this time, the liquid crystal is damaged by the impact and pressure / twisting force when the iPhone is dropped, and the image can not be projected well.
In addition to vertical lines, there are various other patterns such as black stains and color changes.


In both cases, there is an abnormality in the flow of electricity inside the iPhone, which is also the scariest symptomatology such as using extra power or becoming inoperable.



【Reason and cause of occurrence】

In the first place, not only the iPhone but also the liquid crystal is a very fragile / delicate part, and even if you push it a little with your finger, it will break. It is said that smartphones that are currently in widespread use are protected by various metal parts and glass.


The liquid crystal parts that project this image are flexible, so they can withstand a slight impact without problems, but if you drop them on the surface, there is a high possibility that the liquid crystal will malfunction.
On the contrary, when I dropped the iPhone from the corner, the liquid crystal was safe but the glass broke! In many cases, it will be damaged.


Of course, since it is a precision machine, there are many exceptions 😐



【About the repair process】

It is a process when repairing the iPhone screen at our shop, but basically the glass and LCD are replaced at the same time.
The reason is simple: if you don’t replace the parts that have been loaded, problems are likely to occur later, and in many cases it will be troublesome twice.

In particular, the relationship between the adjacent screen glass and LCD panel cannot be left unattended, so we are introducing them at the price of exchanging both 


After all, I can’t give it in a proper condition.


By transplanting undamaged parts such as the home button, optical sensor, and upper speaker, we are keeping costs down without using extra parts.


The iPhone had the strange lines introduced at the beginning, but both the glass and the liquid crystal have been changed to make it shiny. The glass was also replaced, so the small scratches that occurred after using it are refreshing.


Since it is a terminal [iPhone6s] here, we added various discounts and repaired it for ¥ 6,050 


【What you need for a repair request】

What you need to request repairs at the Smart Cool Kumiyama store …



There is none!



There is no problem as long as you know the damaged terminal and the reason why it was damaged because it is good to some extent!

(Oh, of course, please give me a wallet:-))


It depends on the degree of damage, but if you replace the screen, it can be repaired in about an hour on average, so please feel free to contact us first.



Ask for repairs while shopping, and come to pick them up when you’re done! It’s a feat that can only be done at a store that has a trick at AEON MALL.


【Repair reception procedure】

1: Bring the damaged terminal to our shop
2: Diagnose on the spot and estimate the price
3: Please write your name and address on the repair agreement
4: Start repair
5: Return the device after the specified time
6: Pay the fee and the transaction is over


【How to prevent recurrence?】

After all, I repaired the iPhone, so it would be a problem if it reoccurs 😐


Therefore! The iPhone repair shop, Smart Cool AEON MALL Kumiyama, also sells iPhone cases.


You can buy it after repairs and go home with excitement.

If you have any problems in Kyoto, please do not miss it


【Introduction of various cases】


There are many different types of iPhone cases on the market, but it’s a hard case or a notebook case to prevent LCD leaks like this one.

This type has an excellent ability to absorb the impact when dropped, but on the other hand, there are a certain number of people who say that it is difficult to operate due to the thickness. However, the defense performance is at the level recommended by the iPhone repair staff, so the person who often drops it is an ant:-)


On the contrary, the iPhone should be extremely thin! Smart is good! Silicon type is recommended for those who are particular about it. It does not impair the smartness of the iPhone and has a non-slip property, so it is possible to reduce the probability of dropping it.

However, there is no defense performance, so when you drop it …


【Recommended for glass coating】

One of the screen protections I recommend as a staff member of an iPhone repair shop in Kyoto is glass coating.

【 ガラスコーティング 】のススメ iPhone修理専門店が最新技術を紹介します(ΦωΦ)


Unlike the conventional stick-on type glass film, the paint-type protective agent


By forming a silicon film at the nano level, it holds together the fine cracks that cause the glass to break and makes it hard to break.

To be honest, how can the construction side do such a great thing? I don’t know what it is, but chemistry is really magical.
Originally it was a car coating technology, so its hardness is with origami.


It can be completed in about 10 minutes at AEON MALL Kumiyama, so please feel free to come to the store 


【Our shop information】


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